Friday, October 16, 2009

New Tour Dates

10.20 Rootbar w/ Our Horse Jethro, Asheville NC
10.21 My Favorite Things Records w/ Our Horse Jethro, Greensboro NC
10.22 The Evening Muse w/ Kathleen Haskard, Charlotte NC
10.23 The Hangfire, Savannah GA
10.24 Infintesmal BBQ, Jacksonville FL
10.25 Wayward Council, Gainesville FL
10.26 Nobby's, St. Augustine FL
10.28 Lightning Salvage, Gainesville FL
10.29 Austin's Coffee w/ Moorhound, Winter Park FL
10.30 Globe Coffee, St Petersburg FL
11.2 Cock and Bull Pub, Sarasota FL
11.3 Cgrape, Bonita Springs FL
11.4 TBA
11.5 Original Fat Cats, Fort Lauderdale FL
11.6 Soma, Lake Worth FL
11.7 Mother Earth Coffee, Lake Worth FL
11.8 Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant, Orlando FL
11.10 TEK Records, Panama City FL
11.11 House Show!, Pensacola FL
11.12 House Show!, Pensacola FL
11.13 End of Line Cafe, Pensacola FL
11.14 The Blind Mule w/ Whiskey Comatose, Mobile AL
11.17 Neutral Ground, New Orleans LA
11.18 The Celtic, Pascagoula MS
11.19 Greencup Books, Birmingham AL
11.20 The WonderRoot, Atlanta AL
11.21 TBA
11.23 Blue Plate Special, Knoxville TN
11.23 Preservation Pub, Knoxville TN

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