Saturday, October 17, 2009

HFS Annex; Bootleg Recording

The Hog Farm Studios Annex is a magical venue in Biddeford Maine, run by two wonderful people: Gil and Coco. It was one of those places you arrive at for the first time and realize somehow you've come home, a home very far from the one you're eyes remember but very close to the one your heart beats for... Being on tour can suck, when the club is cold and dirty, and the people are moody, jaded, cynical. Hog Farm was a departure from that for sure, we were greeted with hugs, hot coffee, and general straight up rare awesomeness. Thanks guys...

Renee and I had the pleasure of playing the Hog Farm on September 9th 2009 with Computer at Sea, Run On Sentence.
While on our Northeast tour I recorded as many shows as possible, and not just Spider + Octopus either. We recorded as many performers as possible, and even people who wanted to talk into the box and tell a story. Anyway, we recorded our show at HFS Annex and you can download the show if you would like to hear the road show from September. Below are links for all the bands that played that night, a link for HFS Annex. There are some pics from the show on Hog Farm blog.

Take care, Keep in touch.

Hog Farm Studios
Computer At Sea
Run On Sentence

Download Spider + Octopus @ HFS Annex 9.25.2009

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