Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so far

We crossed the St Marys River into Florida early Sunday morning after playing previous nights in Greensboro, Charlotte, and Savannah. The air become stiflingly humid, and fog from the early morning river rose up whispering of ghosts, twilight orange groves, newly evicted homeless wanderers, foreboding Tropical storms and the sweet scent of Florida run-off into the gutters and rivers.

We played an Infestimal BBQ in Jacksonville, with 11 bands, an all day affair. We were tired to say the least when the final band took stage around 3am.

Then Wayward Council in Gainesville with Indian River fruit, and Mark the looping violinist (who was incredible).

And finally St Augustine last night at Nobby's, which was a great surprise. Nobby's is on the other side St. Augustine over the Bridge of lions. A locals kinda dive with a super nice staff: Matt, Justin and Sean.

Today we are off from the grind riding bikes around, checking out the oldest continous Florida settlement.

and the new issue of Cometbus is out: #52 The Spirit of St Louis

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