Tuesday, February 9, 2010

fawm week 2

its been raining for two days in knoxville... cabin fever is setting in although i'm getting out of the house a bit.

its week 2 of fawm, the race to an album for february: February Album Writing Month

william tecumseh sherman
burned the saltworks in saltville va
confederates pulled their belts tighter
sherman burned his way to the sea
and the south, it went hungry

the erie canal was built with salt money
from the hudson river to lake erie
1000 men died of swamp fever
363 miles 9 years of labor
the erie canal: the ditch that salt built

harvesting salt in saint maarten
america finally discovered white people
who had penchant for killing natives
three century laters and a revolution
with plenty of salt to fill our wounds
these United States

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