Sunday, January 31, 2010

pres pub 1.30.2010

a look at the crowd for the spider + octopus show

thenderfin stage set up

faux ferocious also from knoxville

Last night was a great show all around, it was great to meet some knoxville locals and get out of the house & into the snow, which i have been avoiding fiercely (i know "fierce" and i mean it with a ferocious passion, snow is not for me i understand that now)
You can stream the show from the Preservation Pub website, hopefully the Spider Octopus show will be up soon.

Tomorrow is February 1st. An exciting day for me, because the FAWM challenge starts tomorrow. That is February Album Writing Month: 14 songs in 28 days. A person wins nothing for accomplishing this feat, aside from FAWMer adoration.

I've got my four track oiled and ready, piano is out of tune perfectly, the upright bass has sat in the corner a few weeks, ukulele songs are bubbling up to the surface. Should be alot of fun... and a mild distraction from the snow here in knoxville.

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