Friday, January 29, 2010

Its snowing in Knoxville today. Renee and I got a hike in before the blizzard started dumping. Looking out the window I see tiny bits of snow piling up slowly, hot cocoa and brandy from here on out.

Tomorrow (Saturday), Spider + Octopus plays its last show (Preservation Pub, Knox.) on the books for a bit, before we record some and just take a break from touring. We'll be back to it soon... a break is necessary, I need to write some bad poetry and wonder why I can't find a voice between the line breaks.

Their are alot of mountains in the Smokies that need climbing, plus spring comes soon to Pensacola, perfect time for beaching and canoe rides down the coast and up some brackish rivers.

We'll be posting new songs, and new albums are coming soon.

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