Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We went to New York the city

This is cowboy, he told me about this place called New York. He said there was lots of stuff there to see. So I went in search of this New York place
After jumping a few rooftops I came down this fire escape in "New York"

I meet an old wise lady on a train, who played a key-monica, a blow-harp some would say, she said go to the "Union Station". I lit out immediately for the Union Station

I found the golden plated Union Square

After climbing up from beneath the Union Square I found these people on the square.and then road on a train.


Kailee Hankins aka MissMelodyMaker said...

New York was it awesome?

Spider + Octopus said...

new york the city was so awesome, this time especially cause R's sister lives there and showed us around astoria and the east village.