Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jasper Snacktoast

What follows is the greatest cat story ever relayed to me:

"Jasper is more like a boy wizard poured into a cat body. His legs are too long for his body... when he is standing on all fours his hind legs raise his back higher than his front side, like a dragster. My friend K in South Florida takes care of Jasper.

K's mother sent him this snack toast stuff over the holidays. K and his roommate ate a bit of snack toast and then put the rest in the fridge. For weeks K and his roommate joked to one another when heading to the fridge: "Snack Toast?". They would this say to one another in nasally voices. The joke went this way for quite awhile.

One day K opened the fridge while his roommate sat at the kitchen table. Turning around with the fridge door open, K looked over Jasper who sat next to the door on the counter. "Snnnnackkkk Toassstttttt" said Jasper.

K and his roommater sat stunned as Jasper looked to both of them for laughs. Neither K nor his roommate could find laughter. Jasper glanced from one to the other awkwardly hoping for even a slight smirk. The eerie stunned silence continued for the rest of the afternoon.

Jasper never told another joke."

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