Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nick Carter:Killmastahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Nick saw high cheekbones, carefully reddened full mouth and deep, almost almond-shaped eyes that coolly view the action on the field. Slender, jeweled hands clasped an expensive-looking black leather purse. The flesh of the bare arms was tawny and sensuous; the body was supple, its movements relaxed. She looked like a tigress in the sun.

There was exquisite molding in the high, tilted breastline, trim belted waist and subtly curving hips. She was not the sort of woman usually seen at Yankee Stadium on a September afternoon.

Hawk said, "Interesting. I see you find her so, too. Don't break your neck."
"Interesting, indeed. But dangerous, maybe."
"That could be what we're intended to think."
Secret agent N3, Nick Carter meeting secretly at Yankee Stadium with Mr. Hawk, Head of the top secret and unknown American Spy Agency AXE!!!!


Anomie said...

You need to come to Tuesday night poetry readings, mofo.

Anomie said...

and yes, I figured this is from the cold-war propaganda book in your previous post; nonetheless, I though I would plug with no regard to the actual content of your post.