Saturday, March 21, 2009

A song for a new spring

not sure of the title yet for this one, but here is the tentative name...

took over for you

I was just a boy when I was dreaming of you
then suddenly rattlesnakes bit my arms
penetrating the darkness in my heart
took over for you, for you

I was twelve years old, I was dreaming of girls
without reason I wandered off alone
guided by the darkening of the day
taking back the blue, the blue

I wasn't clever
I was not cute
I was just there

unmade shy and unshorn
watching tin soldiers fall
caught by the passing breeze
fallen from windowsills

I was just a boy I fell asleep in the rain
carried from the drainage ditch to the sewer
covered up by the algae from the drain
taking over the shoal, the shoal

I was twenty years old
When I Finally awoke
in the middle of June
not separate or alone
Sun in tunes with my eyes...

took over for arrangement.mp3 - Spider + Octopus

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