Friday, February 13, 2009

spider + octopus follow up album

Driving around gives you so much time to daydream and plan for future tours. Renee and I have decided upon a July tour with some surprises, props and extra musicians to pull some stuff off. Also when we get back to P-cola the final touch will be placed on top of the new Spider + Octopus album. And Renee and I have finished writing the first track to the follow up Spider + Octopus album.

Fuck Nashville

When we dance a Tennessee Waltz
The bright lights of Nashville
Scream so loud
Louder than my song
Louder than my song

Like a hawk that came into the window
Shattered and bruised we came into town
Pocket full change
Head full of flu
Head full of flu

Lay me down on a pillow top mattress

I don't need Nashville at all
Can't appreciate a simple waltz
I don't need to be lost in it all
With the rounders, junkies, users, and hobos
The folksters, scenesters, hipsters
All lost on the row.

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