Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Somewhere Caesar is wincing. Snow is still falling in Knoxville, and the South Knox indoor pool is overrun with screaming children off on snow days. Soon the cruel April flowers will draw me out of the house.

Last month, February I wrote a new album, part of FAWM's song writing challenge. Feel free to download the album here. Its a lo-fi album, an aesthetic I love. However this album is not mastered so volume shifts between songs should be expected. 14 new songs, some will be recorded again for upcoming studio albums. Others will be played on tour, and others saved in a drawer discovered again later.

**** the album is being mastered for spring release now on zombies and lizards, and possible another label****


ReneeIsaZombie said...

love you, why do i have to tell you through this, i dont know, but it feels different when i say it this way.

Hoening Industries said...

I can't handle the low fi.
It kills on my Klipsch speakers!

seriously, I hope you re-release this stuff properly mastered.