Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sea Verse in a Sailor's Locker

I uncovered a book of poems from a Salvation Army thrift store in Knoxville just before the x-mas. Book's called Sea Verse in a Sailor's Locker by James Tazelaar written 1930 and later printed in 1972.

The poems are simple, celebrating, recounting, mourning the Chesapeake Bay, but really can be framed with any inlet, or breaking ocean in the background.

Opening the book is "I have longed for a ship". Borrowing all the words, I recorded guitar, uke, mandolin and vocals for the poem. I may record more of the poems into songs... we'll see, i have plenty of projects but usually find more as I go along.


ReneeIsaZombie said...

lovely lovely lovely, so pretty.

beckstraordinary said...

This is twelve kinds of wonderful!