Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new orleans

Last night Renee and I played the neutral ground coffeehouse in New Orleans... a very odd off beat place, also really comfortable, like a tree house in the evening in the spring.

New Orleans is still a mystery to us, we haven't found the ideal place to play or met any of the bands here. None seem game to play a show with us here reminding me of Athens: a super insular music scene.

Renee and I woke up early this morning and adventured around the city. In search of a few things, Audubon Park, and some of the surviving Banksy stencils in New Orleans.


Lyrics said...

Great pics! You'll find your place. Big cities are tough, your just one more musician.

Go to the spots that want you there, drive past the ones that don't. See you around Chad.
-Tom Feldmann

Anna said...

Wish I'd known you'd gone Banksy hunting, I could have aimed you at a couple more--although you'll have to tell me where the ones you saw are, as I haven't seen them.

Sorry our music scene is so peculiar. Let's brainstorm some venues when next I see you.