Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The swamps of the Everglades are straight up fucking scary. Renee, Mike Racine and I hiked through a tiny portion of the Florida Trail in the Everglades today. I was really spooked by the crooking of alligators and the slithering of snakes (I'll assume the black snakes that glide across the water are poisonous).

This is the trail head at the Oasis Gardens in the Everglades.

Through the thick brush the trail opens up:
there were all kinds of animal sounds at this point:

Suddenly the trail opened up to the skies, and the swamp, the trail became muddy and then was submerged by the swamp waters.

Mike tested the waters while Renee and I watched from the mud hole...

about this time we decided to come back in December when the swamps had dried up a bit.
no shit.
I do love the swamp

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