Tuesday, September 15, 2009

luck dragon

Last night I dreamed about the edge of my brain, there was a foreboding forest at the end of a paved road. When I got closer to the edge of the forest; at the end of the paved road, my brain starting getting all foggy and foreboded. I was driving at the time and the car started strutting (a sure sign of evil lying in wait in the forest). So I turned the rig around headed back to the magic pool hall at the other end of the road apparently at a safe and appropriate distance from the evil foreboding forest.

I woke up and watched the curtains sway in the AC for awhile around 3am. I couldn't close my eyes, I was straight up scared! Eventually I did fall asleep...

I woke again this morning, foreboding all washed away, and realized I will be gone from this comfortable bed for many days. I also noticed this luck dragon at the foot of the bed:

This is Polkor, a Luck Dragon that likes to bark a lot, go for walks on a leash, eat awesome home cooked meals and follow Renee around the house all day. She landed at the foot of my bed this morning before I woke, and was staring me in the face when I woke with boogers in my eyes. I wished for chocolate, and coffee... I got coffee.

First day of tour is today, back to work. I'd had too much time off, I gained a few pounds and slept enough hours to get me through the upcoming trip.

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