Friday, September 11, 2009

500 years of Cannons

Knoxville is literally sending me over the edge... i woke this morning laughing hysterically, not a bad thing i know. Another sign of mania: i wrote a new song. Scroll down to the player in the sidebar.

500 Years of Cannons

oh the town, where i am from
sleeps next to the sea
its a warm foggy fishbowl feeling
like wading in a whiskey sea

oh the town where i am from
the roofs have all blown away
and we look in on the secret lives of people
moved by tides and oceans in there living rooms

oh the town where i am from
frequently the streets fill with ocean
jellyfish that glow float through your frontdoor
showing the way back to the shore

oh the town where i am from
there is a light on next to a frontdoor
where mother reads robert frost in the evening
and my father flys in a dream
off the coast of trinidad

oh the town where i am from
spanish gallons wait at the bottom of the sea
for british cannons to fire again at the ocean
while the captive indian germino waits for our return:

like broken prodigal children
choking on salt water
casting screams from our dead blue eyes
at the ocean that never parts
and never shows compassion
for people who never
throw a rock into the sea

or never make a wish
with a broken bottle
and never fall apart
or get sand in their eyes
or spit into the breeze
or curse the place they are from


thejwalker said...

any music? i hope so. i wanna hear this when i come up there. hopefully when i come up to record it.

thejwalker said...

also, i guess i'm dumb. didn't see the side bar or the part of your post that said the song is in the side bar. i'll listen once i get home!